Generator AMF & ATS Panels

AMF & ATS Panels

AMF & ATS panels are designed to automatically changeover from mains electricity supply to standby generators on failure of the mains supply. When the mains supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the generator. The standby generator will eventually shut down after a short cooling down period. We have the expertise to keep your AMF/ATS panel in perfect working order and can offer you an annual service contract.

Included in your Annual Service Contract:
• Inspection of
the contacts for the level of contact wear. This is to ensure a trouble free operation of the AMF/ATS panel and contactors until the next service is required • Observations to judge if the AMF/ATS panel operates well in the application and that no signs of abnormal wear or damages are present with the ATS/AMF panel
• Full mains fail test

We are also manufacturers:
We manufacture auto, manual PLC based synchronising panels and AMF/ATS panels with control gears and switchgears necessary for changeover/synchronising operation such as Breakers, Protection Relays, Synchronising Meters and Relays etc.

All our AMF panels come with a one year warranty that enhances your legal rights.